We provide different kind of services

*For buyers:

• List of objects with detailed information based on your wishes
• Free maintenance (the seller always pays the commission to the realtor)
• A tour of the area (you can appreciate the pros and cons of a region or city district, the availability of schools, kindergartens, shops, other infrastructure)
• The opportunity to familiarize yourself with all the materials in advance, before arriving to Spain, as well as prepare the basic documents, which will significantly save your time during transaction upon arrival.
• Managing of your property after deal.
• Assistance with electricity, gas, water providers

Besides at your services:
• Quick response in your language
• Ability to select and view objects online
• Online access to important legal and practical information
• Free legal advice

* For sellers:

• Quick and quality assessment of your property for sale
• Professional photo and video shooting
• Placing your property on the most popular Spanish and international real estate portals
• Sharing the information about your property to our agents and partner agencies with their own clients both in Spain and in other countries
• Reliable and competent legal information

⌚️ Always in touch with you. Always online.

We will be glad to meet you personally!